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Co-organized with Tim Hodgson, Towers Watson Thinking Ahead Institute

Towers Watson, London, UK

Summary: The contemporary investment industry can be viewed as a network of key constituents, including end savers, asset owners, investment managers, service providers, and governments and other regulators.  Each of these constituents has its own set of goals, constraints, and incentives, which may or may not be aligned with those of other constituents, and in some cases may be somewhat opposed.  This topical meeting will examine current world wide efforts to understand this complex network of interacting groups, and to re-conceptualize and even reinvent aspects of the structure, constraints, and incentives of different components of the system with the goal of improving the system as a whole for the end saver.

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Business Network
SFI Host: 
Chris Wood


AuthorsTim Hodgson, Chris Wood, David Krakauer

Systemic Risk and the Investment Industry

AuthorsRobert Jenkins

Thinking Long-Term

AuthorsHendrik du Toit

The Nature of Investing

AuthorsKatherine Collins

How Much Does the Next Financial Crisis Cost? Quantification and Elimination of Systemic Risk in Financial Markets

AuthorsStefan Thurner

Evolutionary Perspectives on Business Strategy

AuthorsSimon Levin

Discussion: ‘Other People’s Money'

AuthorsJohn Kay

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