La Fonda Hotel
Applied Complexity Short Course

All day


Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

If you are an ACtioN Member or a Complexity Society Member who is interested in applying for one of our limited available spaces, please submit your CV, Bio, and Statement of Interest to to be considered for a free spot. 

For further information about this course, please visit the main Collective Intelligence About Page.

What is the nature of intelligence in social insect societies, adaptive matter, groups of cells like brains, sports teams, and AI, and how does it arise in these seemingly different kinds of collectives? 

The Symposium & Short Course will search for unifying principles in collective intelligence by tackling its foundations, and explore radical ideas for harnessing collective potential. The event will begin with a broad discussion of first-principles approaches from the physical and natural sciences for deriving group performance from microscopic, individual-level behavior and interactions. Participants will debate the most promising measures of intelligence across systems and consider the dynamics of collective intelligence in changing environments. Finally, we will explore radical ideas for harnessing collective intelligence in human and hybrid systems and invite scholars, artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors, dancers, and inventors, in addition to scientists, to participate in this discussion.

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