Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1338), “Allegoria ed effetti del Buono e del Cattivo Governo.” via Wikimedia Commons
Virtual Discussion
  US Mountain Time
Simon DeDeo, Jan Eissfeldt, Jessica Flack, Mirta Galesic, Jonathan Rauch, and Chris Slowe


This panel will pair an even mix of platform leaders and scholarly experts on collective cognition. The discussion will focus on how platform governance and mechanism decisions might impact the epistemic quality of online discourse. More simply: how might platforms encourage more honest and productive conversations. A number of researchers and practitioners from SFI’s broader community will be invited to this panel, but it will follow a variant of the Chatham House Rule, and the meeting will be closed to the press.

CounterBalance is a quarterly seminar series on applied belief dynamics, focusing on issues such as misinformation, disinformation, cyberhate and social polarization. The intention of these meetings is two-fold. First, these seminars provide a clearinghouse for scholars to share and discuss their findings with practitioners and policy makers. Second, these seminars provide an opportunity to contextualize new work on belief dynamics within the broader scope of complexity science. CounterBalance is organized by the Santa Fe Institute and co-hosted by Siegel Family Endowment.


Simon DeDeoSimon DeDeoSFI External Professor & Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
Jan EissfeldtJan EissfeldtGlobal Head, Trust & Safety at Wikimedia Foundation
Mirta GalesicMirta GalesicProfessor at the Santa Fe Institute
Jonathan RauchJonathan RauchSenior Fellow in Governance Studies at Brookings Institution
Chris SloweChris SloweCTO and Founding Engineer at Reddit

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