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Venue: Towers Watson, London, UK

One of the distinguishing features of complex systems is the existence of critical transitions or “tipping points” that separate relatively stable regions of system behavior. In physics, such transitions are observable as “phase transitions” between different states of matter, such as ice and liquid water.  Tipping points have been observed over a wide variety of complex systems, from financial markets, to ecosystems, to the international economy, to the climate.  Recent work in a number of different fields has attempted, with some success, to develop generally applicable “early warning signals” of critical transitions across a variety of application areas.  This meeting will review critical transitions in complex systems and will present a critical analysis of alternative early warning signals. 

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Business Network

Welcome and Keynote

AuthorsTim Hodgson, Chris Wood, Lord Robert May

Early Warning Signals of Critical Transitions in Complex Systems

AuthorsMarten Scheffer

The Many Values of Complex Systems Models

AuthorsJ. Doyne Farmer

Can Asset Price Bubbles Be Detected?

AuthorsKatja Taipalus

Early Warning Signals of Climate Tipping Points

AuthorsTim Lenton

Reflections on Early Warning Signals

AuthorsRicard Solé

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