Topical Meeting

All day

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Venue: Morgan Stanley, New York, NY

Co-organizers: Martin Leibowitz (Morgan Stanley), Michael Mauboussin (Credit Suisse), and John Rundle (UC Davis and SFI) 

The goals of optimality and efficiency are pervasive in business and government. Yet there is suggestive evidence that attempting to optimize a system’s performance or to make it more efficient can make it more brittle, fragile, and less robust and resilient. This meeting will explore relationships between optimality/efficiency and robustness/resilience over a wide range of biological, technological, and organizational systems.

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Business Network

Welcome and Overview

AuthorsChris Wood and Martin Leibowitz

Optimization from Mt. Fuji to the Rockies

AuthorsCris Moore

Defining and Mapping Fragility

AuthorsNassim Taleb

Universal Laws and Architectures for Robust Efficiency in Nets, Grids, Bugs, Hearts, and Minds

AuthorsJohn Doyle

Building a Better Trading Exchange

AuthorsRob Park

Optimality and Fragility of the Internet

AuthorsDan Geer

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