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Zina Cinker

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In this era of exponential technology, where fields of knowledge are merging and the exponential pace of industrial development in quantum computing, nano assembly, omics, AI, and machine learning is leading to the creation of hybrid sectors, there is a palpable need for new models of interdisciplinary interaction. No longer quantum industry can be regarded as separate from the music industry or oil & gas industry as separate from AI industry or the compute and ICT industry as separate from biology.

But how can stakeholders from vastly different fields gain insight into each other's horizons? and how can convening platforms such as forums, conferences, and expos be leveraged as infrastructure to facilitate the collision of ideas, agents, actions, and interactions that could accelerate interdisciplinary policy, investment, technology, and impact generation.

In this talk, l present to the thought leaders of SFI an invitation to play and experiment in a unique and curious sandbox to explore these questions.

For the year 2024, we are turning the PUZZLE X international forum — consisting of 3000 stakeholders and decision-makers from 80+ countries — into a living lab and a potential playground for complexity and social experimentation.

For 3 days, and within the framework of a global event, we are opening the rules of the game to design new systems of interaction, networking, business exchange, and communication within the stakeholdership of PUZZLE X comprised of Nobel laureates, industry CEOs, enterprise decision-makers, scientists, artists, leaders in civil societies, policy and investment.

The objective is to investigate whether during this 3-day period and through emergent engineering, this collective/system can be incentivized, seeded, and guided into a direction favoring interdisciplinary collaboration and higher levels of transformative impact.

It is said that the future is shaped by the daring, the curious, and the visionary. We invite you to join us as we dare to play and design in a new sandbox.


Zina CinkerZina CinkerFounder and Director General of MATTER
SFI Host: 
Sean Carroll

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