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Many processes in nature exist in multiple potential states, which can be governed by both deterministic and stochastic factors. It is well-known that non-linear systems (i.e., systems with interactions between agents) that express a large degree of noise can deviate considerably from equivalent deterministic descriptions. Typically, these differences arise from finite molecule number effects and the intrinsic randomness of waiting times for cellular events, leading to additional models of behavior in random as opposed to deterministic models. 

This working group explores an even less appreciated feature in a class transiently stochastic behaviors, that have no deterministic analog. They additionally have no description in terms of differing modes of behavior. Such features are important to be understood, and although thought to be the result of complex trade-offs between molecular noise and the speed of approach to equilibrium, there is no theory to understand these behaviors. This working group aims to begin construction of such a theory and examine the necessary conditions for such features to be observed in biology and beyond. 


James HolehouseJames HolehousePostdoctoral Fellow, Santa Fe Institute
Augustinas SukysAugustinas SukysPostdoc, University of Melbourne
Kaan ÖcalKaan ÖcalPostdoc, University of Melbourne

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