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The global economy is undergoing a series of structural transformations including the transition to net-zero due to climate change, technological change, demographic change, and shifting balances of economic power. These structural changes raise critical issues of economic justice and political economy, and have contributed to political polarization. Complexity economics is increasingly providing new ways of understanding these problems. This workshop will review these applications, discuss how they can be expanded and identify new avenues of research. For this meeting we will issue a call for papers and gather the best new work in this field. We will also have a few invited talks. These new results will be presented, along with a discussion. Participants for the working group will be drawn from a range of social, 2 behavioral, and physical science disciplines. A significant proportion of the participants will be early career scholars. Outputs will include technical papers to fill a special issue of an economics journal (to be determined) as well as a collection of perspective papers, to be gathered in a volume to be titled “The Economy as an Evolving Complex System, Part IV”.

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Supported by a grant from Omidyar Network.


Eric BeinhockerEric BeinhockerSFI External Professor
J. Doyne FarmerJ. Doyne FarmerDirector of Complexity Economics at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford Martin School, and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute
R. Maria del Rio ChanonaR. Maria del Rio ChanonaAssistant Professor of Computer Science at University College of London & JSMF Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna
Jagoda KaszowskaJagoda KaszowskaSenior Economist at Bank of Poland
Francois LafondFrancois LafondLead Researcher at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and at the Mathematical Institut
Penny MealyPenny MealyEPE External Applied Fellow & World Bank Economist
Marco PangalloMarco PangalloResearch Scientist at CENTAI Institute
Jenna BednarJenna BednarAssociate Dean of Public Policy and Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at University of Michigan, and External Professor at SFI

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