Postdoctoral fellows are selected for their rigorous, quantitative, multidisciplinary research

Societies today face daunting challenges: population growth, rapid urbanization, ecological and environmental disturbances, and an unpredictable global marketplace.

To address these complex and interrelated problems, a new brand of science is needed, led by an emerging generation of scientists steeped in the study of interconnected systems and comfortable in the methods of many fields — from math, physics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities. The Omidyar Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute offers a select group of early-career scholars the opportunity to join a collaborative research community that nurtures creative, transdisciplinary thought in pursuit of key insights about the complex systems that matter most for science and society. Postdoctoral researchers selected for the SFI Omidyar Fellowship spend up to three years in residence at SFI as Complexity Postdoctoral Fellows, where they contribute to the Institute's research, advance the sciences of complexity, and prepare to become the leadership for tomorrow's science.

The Omidyar Fellowship program started in 2009 and is supported by Pierre and Pam Omidyar. This fellowship sets the standard for multidisciplinary postdoctoral programs, encouraging fellows to develop and pursue their own research questions without boundaries or restrictions.

The Santa Fe Insitute postdoctoral fellows prior to 2009 were known as 'Independent Fellows', the alumni are listed below. 

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Past Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellows

Ben Althouse

Ruben Andrist

Andrew Berdahl

Elhanan Borenstein

Rogier Braakman

Caroline Buckee

Vicky Chuqiao Yang

Aaron Clauset

Simon DeDeo

Marion Dumas

Nathan Eagle

Tanya Elliott

Vanessa Ferdinand

Evandro Ferrada

Laura Fortunato

Miguel Fuentes

Joshua Garland

Jacopo Grilli

Josh Grochow

Paul Hooper

Daniel Hruschka

Yoav Kallus

Anne Kandler

Albert Kao

Chris Kempes

David Kinney

Daniel Larremore

Eric Libby

Tyler Marghetis

James O'Dwyer

Scott Ortman

Charles Perreault

Eleanor Power

Maria Riolo

Andy Rominger

Sam Scarpino

Caitlin Stern

Ashley Teufel

Jessika Trancik

Jeremy Van Cleve

Sander van Doorn

Justin Yeakel

Past Independent Postdoctoral Fellows

Eizo Akiyama

Nihat Ay

Dave Bacon

Homayoun Bagheri-Chaichian

Mark Bieda

P. Jeffrey Brantingham

Lauren Buckley

Emily Burkhead

Martin Casdagli

Jennifer Dunne

Gunther Eble

Charles Efferson

Brian Enquist

Walter Fontana

Michael Gastner

Michelle Girvan

Jack Hanson

Timothy Keitt

Supriya Krishnamurthy

Michael Lachmann

Joshua Ladau

Wentian Li

Daniel McShea

Lauren Ancel Meyers

John Miller

Avidan Neumann

Mark Newman

Makoto Nirei

Milan Palus

John Pepper

William Reynolds

Thimo Rohlf

D. Eric Smith

James Theiler

Duncan Watts

Karoline Wiesner

David Wolpert

Huaiyu Zhu