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For this issue of the SFI Bulletin, a tribute to the Santa Fe Institute’s 30th anniversary, we asked some of our thought leaders to trace for us some of the scientific themes that have endured at SFI across the decades.

The seven essays in this issue are by no means a comprehensive look at the history of scholarship at SFI. You’ll easily spot as many omissions as essays. Nor are these seven authors representative of the many contributors and lineages of thought within each theme. The authors are individuals, and as such they come with particular perspectives that you might find too narrow, or not narrow enough.

Rather, what each writer has shared is the SFI adventure as she or he experienced it. My hope for this issue is that it promotes more of the compelling and daring transdisciplinary thought we can and should expect from the Santa Fe Institute. Please enjoy this issue of the SFI Bulletin, now presented on, and do share it with others.

-- John German, Editor, SFI Bulletin, November 3, 2014

Read the Fall 2014 issue of the SFI Bulletin here on

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