CNET: Why Black Holes Smashing Together Could Settle an Astronomical Dispute

Quoting SFI Science Board Fellow David Gross.

The Conversation: Why are bigger animals more energy-efficient? A new answer to a centuries-old biological puzzle

Referencing research by SFI Faculty Geoffrey West and External Faculty Brian Enquist.

The Manual: A Conversation with Josh Wolfe: Macro, Mentors, Motivation

Highlighting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

Cosmopod: A life in Marxist Economics and Education with Sam Bowles

Spotlighting SFI Faculty Sam Bowles.

University of Texas at Austin: Delays in Contact Tracing Impeded Early COVID-19 Containment

Quoting SFI External Faculty Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Zipe Education: What Is Planck’s Constant, and Why Does the Universe Depend on It?

Quoting SFI External Faculty Fred Cooper.

The Boston Globe: Experts say waste water testing, crucial for COVID-19, could be useful for monkeypox — and the next big disease

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

Live Science: Why is there so much biodiversity in the tropics?

Highlighting research of SFI External Faculty Andrew Dobson.

The Guardian: Despite climate, war and Covid, is everything actually…getting better?

Referencing the research of SFI External Faculty Aaron Clauset.

The 20 Minute VC: 13 of the Great Investing Minds on When to Pay Up vs When To Remain Disciplined and Walk Because the Price is too High

Includes thoughts of SFI Trustee Bill Gurley.

NPR: These photos are shedding new light on how fireflies interact with the world

Spotlighting research by SFI External Faculty Orit Peleg.

Physics World: Babies have an innate understanding of symmetry

Quoting SFI Co-Founder Philip Anderson.

Citywire: Four things poker taught me about investing

Referencing thoughts of SFI Trustee Michael Mauboussin.

Fast Company: Small nuclear reactors finally get the nod from regulators, but they still have a lot to prove

Quoting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

Bloomberg Opinion: The Omicron BA.5 Wave Is Starting to Ebb. We Need to Know Why.

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

NBC News: Study Finds Having Wealthy Friends Can Help People Escape Poverty

Highlighting research by SFI External Faculty Matthew Jackson.

McKinsey & Company: 2022 summer reading guide from leaders, authors, and editors

Includes "Scale" by SFI Faculty and Past President Geoffrey West, and "The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World" by SFI External Faculty Andrea Wulf.

American Psychological Association: Can we unlearn implicit biases?

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Mahzarin Banaji.

Yahoo News: AI predicts crime a week before it happens

Referencing research by SFI External Faculty James Evans.

Science Times: New Anti-Crime AI Algorithm Predicts Activities One Week Ahead With 90% Accuracy, Reveals Bias in Police Work

Quoting SFI External Faculty Jame Evans.