Failure: Stories about failing in science

Podcast featuring External Professor Sam Scarpino. 

The Washington Post: Climate Coach: The one winning message on climate

Mentions External Professor Dan Schrag. 

Space Daily: Physicists identify overlooked uncertainty in real-world experiments

Mentions the Santa Fe Institute and mentions and quotes Professor David Wolpert. 

Newsweek: Government Support for Electric Vehicles Is Good for Everyone | Opinion

Opinon article written by External Professor Jessika Trancik. 

Wired Magazine: Scammy AI-Generated Book Rewrites Are Flooding Amazon

Mentions and quotes Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

Associated Press: For consumers shopping for an EV, new rules mean fewer models qualify for a tax credit

Mentions and quotes External Professor Jessika Trancik. 

Chicago Mag: A Knife Forged in Fire

Essay published by SFI Journalism Fellow Laurence Gonzales. 

The Guardian: The Alternative by Nick Romeo review – moral substitutes for the free market model

Mentions External Professor Wendy Carlin. 

Psychology Today: AI Predicts Human Life Events, Including Death

Mentions External Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad. 

Physics World: Could the geometry of chaos be fundamental to the behaviour of the universe?

Book review written by Professor Jessica Flack. 

CGTN: Exclusive with 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics David Gross

Interview with Science Board Fellow David Gross. 

Forbes: From The Classroom To The Economy: Northeastern University’s Institute For Experiential AI Accelerates Real-World AI Transformation

Mentions External Professor Sam Scarpino. 

Boston Globe: Northeastern scientists build AI that can predict a person’s life (and death)

Mentions and quotes External Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad. 

The Boston Globe: Northeastern scientists build AI that can predict a person’s life (and death)

Mentions and quotes SFI External Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad. 

Scientific American: Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Opinions of 2023

Features counterpoint/opinion by SFI External Professor John Krakauer. 

City Journal: Liminal Urbanism

Article written by SFI Research Fellow Anthony Eagan. 

The Economist: AI-generated “counterfeit people” are worrying Daniel Dennett

Podcast featuring SFI External Professor Daniel Dennett. 

Forbes: This Harvard MBA And MPP Candidate Played Professional Basketball Overseas. Now He’s Trying To Electrify Transportation

Mentions and quotes SFI External Professor Daniel Schrag. 

The Atlantic: Winter Illness This Year Is a Different Kind of Ugly

Mentions and quotes SFI External Professor Samuel Scarpino. 

Business News: Artificial Intelligence can now create AI on its own

Mentions and quotes SFI Science Board member Bruno Olshausen.