The Rockefeller University Newswire: Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli to receive 2024 Lewis Thomas Prize

Prize announcement for Fractal Faculty Carlo Rovelli. 

Science Magazine: Debates on the nature of artificial general intelligence

Article written by Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

MIT Technology Review: Harvard has halted its long-planned atmospheric geoengineering experiment

Mentions and quotes External Professor Daniel Schrag. 

Archaeology Magazine: Estimating a Roman Town’s Population

Mentions work and research done by External Professor Scott Ortman. Even microscopic noises could trigger spontaneous turbulence

Mentions research from Science Board Fellow Nigel Goldenfeld. 

Michigan Advance: Both methane and carbon dioxide are climate change culprits

Mentions External Professor Jessika Trancik. 

Behavioral Scientist: The Everyday Supercommunicators Who Get Groups in Sync

Mentions and quotes External Professor Thalia Wheatley. 

The New York Times: A.I. Is Learning What It Means to Be Alive

Quotes External Professor Sara Walker. 

ABC Listen: Spending time with Laurie Anderson

Mentions Miller Scholar Tom McCarthy. 

Forbes: Complexity Science Hub Leads New Interdisciplinary Research Frontiers

Mentions and quotes External Professor Stefan Thurner. 

Medical Hub: AI builds its bedside manner

Mentions and quotes Science Board and External Professor Matthew Jackson. 

The Washington Post: The ‘greenest’ car in America might surprise you

Mentions and quotes External Professor Jessika Trancik. 

Albuquerque Journal: One-on-one with Melanie Moses

Interview of External Professor Melanie Moses. 

The European Times: Experts Call for New Economic Modelling to Meet Energy Transition Ambition

Mentions External Professor Doyne Farmer. 

New Scientist: Is the human brain really the most complex object in the universe?

Quotes External Professor Ricard Sole. 

Wales Online: The powerful speech given by Welshman defending himself in court that everyone should read

Mentions External Professor Marten Scheffer. 

Association for Psychological Science: How Science Can Reward Cooperation, Not Just Individual Achievement

References research from External Professor Paul Smaldino. 

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Is it unlawful discrimination to not promote an employee who works remotely?

Mentions research from External Professor Hyejin Youn. Are unions actually growing? | This Week in Business

Interview involving External Faculty Suresh Naidu. 

The Medieval Podcast: Why do civilizations collapse? New study points to the risks of aging

Mentions and quotes External Professor Marten Scheffer.