The Rockefeller Foundation: Leading U.S. Scientists and Researchers Issue Urgent Call To Scale Up Wastewater Monitoring

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

Streetsblog: Talking Headways Podcast: The Energy of Ancient Cities

Referencing the Santa Fe Institute.

The Motley Fool: Michael Mauboussin Talks About Expectations Investing and More

Spotlighting SFI Trustee Michael Mauboussin.

Nature: What scientists have learnt from COVID lockdowns

Quoting SFI External Faculty Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Choose to be Curious: The Power of Connection, with Perry Zurn & Dani S. Bassett

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Dani Bassett.

UChicago News: Argonne National Laboratory to establish center on climate change impact in Chicago

Quoting SFI External Faculty Luis Bettencourt.

Collège de France: Frankenstein and the Ethics of Neuroscience

Highlighting SFI External Faculty John Krakauer.

Discover Magazine: 5 Ancient Societies that Collapsed When the Water Ran Dry

Quoting SFI External Faculty Scott Ortman.

Die Welt: Philosoph Laubichler zur Corona-Debatte

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Manfred Laubichler.

Los Angeles Times: Commentary: More workers are trying to unionize. Support will be crucial to their success

Quoting SFI External Faculty Suresh Naidu.

The TWIML AI Podcast: Understanding Collective Insect Communication with ML

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Orit Peleg.

Aeon Essays: Ten questions about the hard limits of human intelligence

Essay by SFI Faculty David Wolpert.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Disasters: An expert explains how to survive emergencies

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Laurence Gonzales.

Foreign Affairs: The Fractured Superpower: Federalism Is Remaking U.S. Democracy and Foreign Policy

Op-ed by External Faculty Jenna Bednar.

Collective Intelligence: An exchange of letters on the role of noise in collective intelligence

Co-authored by SFI President David Krakauer, SFI Faculty David Wolpert, and SFI External Faculty Daniel Kahneman

Kompas: Genetic Evidence Becomes the Basis for Proposing the Punan Batu Customary Law Area

Quoting SFI External Faculty Steve Lansing.

Financial Times: We should stop bashing share buybacks

Op-ed by SFI Trustee Michael Mauboussin.

AP News: Researchers: Pretrial detention plans wouldn't reduce crime

Spotlighting research co-authored by SFI Faculty Cris Moore.

Financial Times: Seemingly ‘sentient’ AI needs a human in the loop

Spotlighting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

Santa Fe Reporter: New study rebuts changes to pre-trial detention

Referencing reserach co-authored by SFI Faculty Cris Moore.