Communications of the ACM: Subfield Prestige and Gender Inequality among U.S. Computing Faculty

Co-authored by SFI External Faculty Aaron Clauset and SFI former postdoc Daniel Larremore.

KSMU: STEM Spots: Chaos in information systems

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Jim Crutchfield.

The Currency: Money-burning technology companies weren't crazy

Quoting SFI External Faculty Michael Mauboussin.

Discover Magazine: We’ve Been Worried About Overpopulation for Millenia

Quoting SFI External Faculty Tim Kohler.

Scientific American: Quantum Particles Aren't Spinning. So Where Does Their Spin Come From?

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sean Carroll.

Seoul Speakers Bureau (YouTube)

Spotlighting SFI Faculty Member and Past President Geoffrey West.

Communications of the ACM: Bowers CIS Community Celebrates Life of Juris Hartmanis

Highlighting SFI Science Board Fellow Juris Hartmanis.

Avenue Magazine: Cormac McCarthy Returns With an Astonishing Double Feature

Spotlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy and referencing the Santa Fe Institute.

CNBC Indonesia: Harvard Professor Discusses Potential

Quoting SFI External Faculty Ricardo Hausmann.

TechTalks: Three key takeaways from Meta’s Galactica AI

Quoting SFI Faculty Member Melanie Mitchell.

The biggest ideas in the Universe (YouTube)

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Sean Carroll.

BBC Sounds: Open Book - Cormac McCarthy, The Writers, Derek Owusu

Spotlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy; also references the Santa Fe Institute.

WIRED: A New Explanation for How Fireflies Flash in Sync

Referencing SFI External Faculty Steven Strogatz, Orit Peleg, and Srividya Iyer-Biswas.

Nature: ‘Labor advantage’ drives greater productivity at elite universities

Referencing study co-authored by SFI External Faculty Aaron Clauset and SFI former postdoc Daniel Larremore.

Financial Times: How the humanities lost their prestige: The liberal arts have been tainted by a politicization that can’t afflict science

Highlighting the Santa Fe Institute, SFI President David Krakauer, and SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy.

Nature: Books in Brief

Highlighting SFI External Faculty Sean Carroll.

Rolling Stone: How Business Leaders Can Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are When It Comes to Addressing Inequalities

Quoting SFI External Faculty Mahzarin Banaji.

Princeton Physics Newsroom: A new experiment pushes the boundaries of our understanding of topological quantum matter

Referencing research of SFI co-founder Phil Anderson.

MIT Press Textbooks presents Introduction to Urban Science (YouTube)

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Luis Bettencourt.

Business Insider: Wall Street Is Now in the Driver's Seat With Big Tech

Referencing SFI Trustee Bill Gurley.