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Brandon Ogbunu

Breakthroughs during the age of genomics have sent shockwaves throughout the biological and biomedical universes. More than any single discovery, the age has been defined by great enthusiasm, funding in abundance, and generations of scientists that operate under the doctrine that — with new technology — we might solve the mysteries of disease, the origin of species, and the origins of life — sequence by sequence, letter by letter.  

 But just as biology is simultaneously more capable than ever before, it is rife with widespread misunderstanding and confusion. SFI External Professor Brandon Ogbunu (Yale) offers a new framing of biology, described as “Lyfe,” embodying a multidimensional appreciation of biological systems that includes the power of history, context, environment, nonlinearity, and narrative.

Reserve your free tickets to this event via the Lensic Performing Arts Center's box office. This discussion will also be streamed live via SFI's YouTube channel, and recorded for future viewing.

The 2024 Santa Fe Institute Community Lecture Series is free to attend thanks to generous sponsorship by the McKinnon Family Foundation, with additional support from the Santa Fe Reporter, and the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

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Caitlin McShea

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