Topical Meeting

All day

This event is private.

Held at Morgan Stanley, 1585 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. 

  • Organized by 
  • John Rundle, External Professor, Santa Fe Institute, Distinguished Professor, Departments of Physics and Geology, University of California, Davis and Director, California Institute for Hazard Research
  • Michael Mauboussin, Trustee, Santa Fe Institute, and Chief Investment Strategist, Legg Mason Capital Management
  • and
  • Chris Wood, Vice President, Administration and Director of Business Network, Santa Fe Institute

This SFI Business Network Topical Meeting will address risk, uncertainty, and vulnerability from SFI's broad, multi-disciplinary points of view that characterize SFI research. The goal is to gain insight by learning about how risk and uncertainty are addressed in various disciplines. 

The talks will cover physical, biological, and social systems over a variety of spatial and temporal scales. 


Douglas H. Erwin, Professor, Santa Fe Institute, and Senior Scientist and Curator of Paleobiology, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Simon A. Levin, External Professor, Santa Fe Institute, and Moffett Professor of Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

Richard Marshall, Director, Global Cybersecurity Management, National Cybersecurity Division, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Bill Miller, Trustee, Santa Fe Institute, and Chairman, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Legg Mason Capital Management, Inc.

John Rundle, External Professor, Santa Fe Institute, Distinguished Professor, Departments of Physics and Geology, University of California, Davis and Director, California Institute for Hazard Research

John Seo, Senior Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder, Fermat Capital Management

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Uncertainty and Risk in the Cyber world

AuthorsRichard Marshall

Earthquakes, Natural Catastrophes, and Forecasting

AuthorsJohn Rundle

Environmental and Ecological Risk

AuthorsSimon Levin

How the U.S. $12 Billion Catastrophe Bond Market Puts a Price on Natural Catastrophe Risks

AuthorsJohn Seo

Panel Discussion: Implications for Financial Markets

AuthorsBill Miller

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