Noyce Conference Room
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Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Meeting Description:  Over thirty years ago, Stuart Kauffman joined the nascent Santa Fe Institute as one of its first resident researchers.  At that time, Stu focused his research on big questions in biology using a novel set of tools drawn from computation and networks.  This prescient work captured the early spirit of the Institute, and provided a sound foundation from which the Institute could thrive.  In the intervening years, Stu has continued to produce impactful scientific papers and presentations, formed numerous collaborations across the sciences, and popularized the notion of complex systems through his writings, talks, and advocacy.  Many of his ideas have become mainstays of the field.  The workshop is in recognition of Stu’s critical role in the development of the Santa Fe Institute, his numerous contributions to the field of complex systems, and the occasion of his 80th birthday.  There are 35/45 invited participants.  The format for the workshop will be a series of short (around 15 minute) talks, punctuated with a few longer keynotes.

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SFI Host: 
John Miller and Geoffrey West

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