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Timiebi Aganaba (Arizona State University)

Space Governance: A Complex Adaptive System?

Abstract: According to the McGill University Global Space Governance (GSG) study, the term GSG refers to a  

    • collection of international, regional or national laws as well as  

    • regulatory institutions and  

    • actions/manners/processes of governing or regulating space related affairs or activities.  

The concept encompasses a wide range of instruments, institutions, national laws, regulations, technical standards, and similar measures as well as confidence building measures all discussed, formulated and implemented at various national regional and international forums.  In brief, global governance of outer space is the entirety of the agreements, laws, regulations and other mechanisms in relation to outer space affairs and includes processes for their formation, compliance monitoring and or enforcement by concerned international and or national institutions.  
I understand this as instruments, institutions and processes. 

What this definition misses out on is the understanding of the interrelations of the three, as part of a system that is centered by the mindset and relations between stakeholders,  that is on the one hand marked by complexity and on the other hand, adaptive. 
So is Space governance something that should be looked at as a complex adaptive system? 


Timiebi AganabaTimiebi AganabaAssistant Professor
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