Micro Working Group

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Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Many biophysical systems exhibit “slow-fast” dynamics—dynamics with a clear separation of fast and slow timescales. Our microworking group has thus far explored the application of this technique to two biological systems: phytoplankton blooms and immune response waves in fly larvae. We took the approach of working on these two problems simultaneously and found enhanced synergy by working within and between sub groups and by daily discussions. In both systems, we identified rich behaviors and developed a foundational mathematical understanding of when and why these behaviors occur. Our goals for the next working group are to deepen our mathematical understanding of these two systems and, in the case of the immune responses, to connect theory to experimental data.


Kasturi ShahKasturi ShahJSMF Postdoctoral Fellow MIT
Yuanzhao ZhangYuanzhao ZhangComplexity Postdoctoral Fellow Santa Fe Institute
William DeWittWilliam DeWittJSMF Postdoctoral Fellow UC Berkeley EECS
Brandon SchlomannBrandon SchlomannJSMF Postdoctoral Fellow

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