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Liz Bradley

The popular Science On Screen series continued May 3 in Santa Fe with SFI External Professor Liz Bradley of the University of Colorado presenting Jurassic Park.

"Life finds a way". Steven Spielberg's 1993 film about scientists who clone long-dead dinosaur species on a hidden island features as a special family-friendly afternoon showing at Science on Screen. Professor Liz Bradley will introduce the film with a brief talk and help place it in scientific context. 

Jurassic Park famously comes with an SFI connection through Jeff Goldblum's chaos theorist Ian Malcolm, and we're excited to talk about the film together with SFI science.

Science On Screen is a collaboration of SFI and the CCA. During each showing, an Institute scientist presents a favorite film, offering personal perspectives and insights from the world of science. It's an idea-rich spin on the movies.

Community Event

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