Collins Conference Room
  US Mountain Time

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Mentor: Ruben Andrist

Visualizing Frustration: Through the Spinning Glass

Abstract: Mainstream spin-glass literature tends to be very graph and equation heavy, making these systems, to some, appear incomprehensible. However, these models of disordered magnetic moments continue to show up in complex system discussions as a potential key to understanding quantum computing, neural networks, and other stochastic processes. The purpose of this presentation is to make glassy systems more accessible and to uncover unintuitive quirks in the model.

I will graphically present spins, energy, and activity of spin-glasses with a short-range Edwards-Anderson model. Visualizations tend to help a wider audience understand the problem in a way that equations alone may not. Further, they may show emergent properties or inspire creative questions, deepening the understanding on these systems and the processes to which they may be applied.

SFI Host: 
Juniper Lovato

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