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Director: Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute

Location: Midtown Manhattan - Private Club
7 W 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

This accessible two-day executive education course provides an intensive introduction to information aggregation mechanisms in complex adaptive systems. The focus will be on crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds, collective intelligence, prediction markets, collective forecasting, the role of diversity, and measuring consensus. The concepts and tools we discuss will be useful for any system in which strategic decisions are made collectively by heterogeneous, error-prone agents extracting regularities from noisy data — whether neurons, monkeys, portfolio managers, election pundits, or sports analytics teams trying to determine how to make draft picks.

Through lectures, exercises, interactive discussions with SFI faculty and prominent guest faculty from other institutions, and your fellow participants, you will gain understanding of how these concepts and tools might be applied to financial markets, sports analytics, intelligence analysis, election forecasting, design of hybrid AI and human intelligence systems, and optimizing search and team performance. This course does not require any prior knowledge of math or data analysis. 

Course Topics:

  • Collective Intelligence
  • Crowdsourcing & Wisdom of Crowds
  • Collective Behavior & Collective Computation
  • Prediction Markets
  • Information Aggregation
  • Role of Diversity
  • Prediction Under Uncertainty
  • Information vs Influence
  • Micro to Macro & Back


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photo by Gabriella Marks

Director: Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute

Jessica Flack is a professor at SFI where she also runs the Collective Computation Group. The focus of C4 research is on fundamental problems in evolutionary theory concerning collective behavior, collective computation, and collective intelligence—at all levels of biological organization—from societies of cells to societies of individuals to machine-human hybrid societies. C4 researchers use insights and tools from statistical physics, information theory, evolutionary theory, biology, cognitive science, complexity science, animal behavior, and theoretical computer science.

Read more about Flack's research on Quanta Magazine: How Nature Solves Problems Through Computation


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