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A biologist's perspective of process and pattern in innovation

Meeting Summary:  Key to Paul Samuelson’s transformation of economics education in the last century is that in 1948 he devised a version of Keynesian economics that was teachable to first year students. The paradigm shift in economics that we have been calling the microeconomics revolution now offers similar opportunities to address the challenges faced by instructors and students wishing to learn modern economics. This workshop brings together a team of experienced instructors, educational designers, and economic theorists to explore this new terrain, building on the results of a mini-working group of many of the same individuals in January 2020.

A major objective of the working group is to develop and then propagate new learning resources to support the microeconomics revolution. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for the participants and the SFI education staff to share ideas and to discuss collaboration with the CORE project Working group proposal: The microeconomics revolution: content and pedagogy, II.

Research Collaboration
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Sam Bowles

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