Topical Meeting

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Healthcare Modeling, Multi-scale Challenges and Methods

Meeting of the Healthcare Working Group

Venue: MITRE, McLean, VA

This is a continuation of the working group meeting held at MITRE in July 2013. We will continue the exploring the desirability of, and strategies for, modeling components of the US healthcare system. 

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Business Network

Introduction and Welcome

AuthorsJay Schnitzer, Karen See, and Chris Wood

Healthcare Analytic Challenges Group Discussion

Multi-scale Models of Healthcare

AuthorsKen Hoffnam, Steve Scott, and Robert Brown

Transforming Healthcare Delivery

AuthorsWilliam Rouse

Lunch Keynote

AuthorsChristine Cassel

Healthcare Systems I

AuthorsKhalid Saeed

Healthcare Systems II

AuthorsChristine Eibner

Optimizing Outbreak Surveillance

AuthorsSam Scarpino

Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network

AuthorsAngela Mariotto

Challenges and Advances in Modeling the Healthcare System

AuthorsBrad Holtz

Wrap-up/Next Steps

AuthorsMatt Kohler

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