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Lunar Denizens is a series of investigations imagining the protocols, folklore, & artifacts shaping the mythos of a permanent lunar settlement called Mare Nectaris Base.

Inspired by Human Considerations, an opening attempt at figuring out long-term Moon dwelling in a conversation between interdisciplinary thinkers, New School Policy and Design for Outer Space's (NSPDOS), Very Very Far Away (VVFA), and the Santa Fe Institute's InterPlanetary Project, present a deeper exploration into a selection of moments and ideas in an attempt to build a catalogue of the lunar ‘things’ that are yet to be imagined. 

From artifacts to systems, rituals and myths, Lunar Denizens’ design sprint series invites groups of artists, thinkers, designers and architects to imagine the protocols and folklore shaping the mythos of permanent lunar habitation. 

The first session in the series pays particular attention to Mare Nectaris base’s welcoming party. Throughout its lifespan the base has hosted hundreds of inhabitants on periodic rotations. As newcomers arrive, older settlers are sent away never to return. This in turn engages a series of protocols and preparations to welcome their new members, provide guidance and accommodate needs until the transition is complete and trivial Moon life resumes. 

Our lunar visionaries for this first event are Stephanie ShermanSimone Rebaudengo and Haym Benaroya, with facilitation by Sitraka Rakotoniaina and Andrew Friend, of Very Very Far Away, an international collaborative platform for the democratization of future narratives.

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Stay Tuned for two follow-up Lunar Denizen events: "Moonlife" (which will imagine the day-to-day existence at Mare Nectaris base) and "Down to Earth" (Which explores what a return from Mare Nectaris to Earth would look like, and how to adequately share that experience to those at "home").

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