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Meeting Summary:  The JSMF – SFI Postdocs in Complexity Conference IX will be held at the Santa Fe Institute on October 19-21, 2022. It will bring together 35 JSMF Fellows and 16 SFI Postdoctoral Fellows. The bi-annual meeting provides networking and research opportunities for prestigious early career researchers from around the globe who are working on complex systems science, as well as special sessions with prominent speakers. Major outcomes that we are seeking will be to develop a strong network, build collaborative research, establish best practices for complex systems science research and introduce the new JSMF postdocs to the Santa Fe Institute. Through these conferences we aim to prepare participants to communicate their high quality, innovative research effectively to the scientific community and to become thought leaders who shape the future of science.

This three-day conference will build on the themes of the previous eight Postdocs in Complexity conferences and over twenty virtual meetings. During the conference we will be encouraging interaction, collaboration, and networking between the participants through research jams and reckless ideas discussions. Invited speakers come from SFI Faculty, External faculty, Fractal Faculty, SFI Staff, JSMF and SFI alumni and the business world. A field trip and social events will round out the events for the three days.

This event is supported by the James S. McDonnell Foundation Grant Number 220020541, James S. McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellows Conference Phase 2. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the James S. McDonnell Foundation. 


David KrakauerDavid KrakauerPresident + William H. Miller Professor of Complex Systems at SFI
Hilary SkolnikHilary SkolnikProgram Manager, Postdoctoral Fellows Program
Research collaboration
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David Krakauer and Hilary Skolnik

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