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Business Network Topical Meeting organized by Chander Chawla and David Hanson, National Semiconductor Corporation and Chris Wood, Santa Fe Institute

To be held on August 24, 2011 at National Semiconductor Corporation, 2900 Semiconductor Dr., Santa Clara, CA


"Innovation" is simultaneously: (a) one of the most over-used and increasingly meaningless buzz-words in the business lexicon; and (b) one of the most important but least understood human capabilities upon which business success depends. This SFI Business Network Topical meeting will attempt to achieve new perspectives on the many facets of innovation by examining it from the multi-disciplinary views of economics, mathematics, computer science and engineering, evolutionary biology, and cognitive and neural sciences. A unifying theme will be the representation of existing and new products, forms, and ideas as positions in very-large-N multidimensional spaces.

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Business Network

Measuring the Relative Importance of Reusing, Recombining and Creating Technologies in the Process of Invention

AuthorsDeborah Strumsky

Watching Evolution Innovate in the Laboratory

AuthorsZachary Blount

Introduction to “Innovation: Adventures in Possibility Space”

AuthorsChris Wood

Innovation by Evolutionary Computation

AuthorsRobert Pennock

Pragmatic Challenges with Innovation

AuthorsChander Chawla

Reasoning Beyond the Immediate Evidence

AuthorsNoah Goodman

Comparing Innovation in Biology and Technology

AuthorsDoug Erwin

Concluding Discussion

AuthorsChris Wood, Doug Erwin

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