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Incentives, Levers and Beliefs

Meeting Summary:  What can we do to control or mitigate the current pandemic at the levels of individual and collective behavior, and its likely aftereffects on society? And how can an understanding of human biases, the networks of human exchange, and the dynamics of markets be used to nudge people and societies into positive outcomes? There are probably a finite number of types of levers that can plausibly be implemented in the foreseeable future (though a nearly-infinite space of possible combinations, schedules, and protocols). Some we know, some we haven’t thought of yet, and we cannot simply intuit our way to the ‘best’. We need a principled toolkit of ideas and models from social science, psychology, and economics and an understanding of how they interact with epidemiology.

In this webinar SFI-affiliated faculty from these fields will address our current understanding of collective decision making and how we can use rigorous insights to further our efforts at combating this pandemic and future ones.

Mirta Galesic, SFI
Eric Maskin, Harvard University and SFI  
Mahzarin Banaji, Harvard University and SFI 
Matt Jackson, Stanford University and SFI 
John Geanakoplos, Yale University and SFI 


Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
David Krakauer, Michael Lachmann, Cris Moore

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