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The Santa Fe Institute’s Edward A. Knapp Undergraduate Fellowship uses an integrated approach. The program is transdisciplinary, with problems, methods, and data sets drawn from across science. You will move back and forth freely along a spectrum of methods learning how to:

    • - Design a mathematical model of a physical, biological or social system
    • - Identify opportunities to solve this model exactly or approximately
    • - Code and run simulations of the model
    • - Analyze your simulations’ running time and memory use to improve     
    •   their efficiency
    • - Test results against theoretical predictions and real-world data sets
    • - Formulate new conjectures based on your results and try to prove or     
    •   disprove them

This program is of special interest to you if you’re from computer science (CS), pure and applied mathematics, and physics, and we also welcome applicants from chemistry, quantitative biology, and social science. We aim to build your capacity for computational and mathematical modeling, and train you within a group who will support each other in building a wide range of skills.

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